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Manuscript Submission


Articles published by c&c are refereed. The refereeing procedure normally takes 2-3 months. Submitted articles are refereed and considered for publication on the understanding that they are not under consideration elsewhere.

Authors may be requested to revise or improve their articles according to the rewiew reports of the referees. All submissions will be replied accompanied by the copies of referee review reports. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be returned.

Articles should not exceed 8000 words. An article of 6000-7000 (including notes and references) is a good target. Shorter commentaries of 2000-3000 words are also invited. Typescript should be submitted in four identical copies together with all figures, tables and illustrations and with an abstract of 100-150 words. A copy on a 3.5 inch disk in Word for Windows or Word for Mac format would be appreciated.

Authors should retain an identical copy of the article. If the manuscript has been delivered at a meeting, mention the title, the date and the place of the occasion.

To protect anonymity, only the title should appear on the manuscript and abstract. On a seperate cover sheet, which will be removed for the purposes of blind refereeing, authors should supply their names and full mailing address, plus e-mail address where applicable, and telephone and fax numbers.

All copy including indented matter, notes and references, should be typed on A4 paper, double space and on one side of the paper only. Notes and references should be separated. They should be numbered serially and included at the end of the text before the reference section.

Mail your submissions to

Kultur ve Iletisim

Ankara Universitesi

Iletisim Fakültesi

Cebeci 06590 Ankara Turkey

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