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2020 Vision

 Turkish Version

The 2020 Vision for ilef is to become a pioneering institution of education, research and implementation, which trains the communication professionals of the future, who have the core and fundamental communication skills; who can perform these skills in multimedia environments; who are committed to public interest while performing their professional practices; and who have a critical perspective about the world and their own selves.

Core competencies refer to skills, which have been, still are and will always be essential in the professional field

  • To be capable of reaching the correct and necessary information, to be able to classify various modes of information and to be good at not only in contextualizing but also in filtering them through prioritising
  • To be creative and to be able to present his/her products to others in an appealing way
  • To be able to understand social impacts and underpinnings of communication and to have sufficient background knowledge on various social issues
  • To be self-confident, relaxed, assertive and courageous whilst performing his/her job

Fundamental skills refer to personal competencies, which are necessary for communicating with individuals and groups

  • Having good command of Turkish
  • To be able to communicate in at least one other language
  • To have a high degree of capacity for understanding and assessing audio-visual and textual products and to have interest in arts
  • To be able to empathise (with other individuals and groups) and to have a keen interest in learning

Multimedia environment: skills refer to additional competencies, which are needed due to continuous transformation occurring in communications technology that is used in the professional field.

  • To have multimedia literacy
  • To be able to use new hardware, software and other media
  • To be able to produce for new media and for other similar platforms
  • To be able to interact with his/her audience in multimedia platforms and to have a keen interest in serving this audience
  • To have background knowledge on the social underpinnings of the convergence process in the sector

Public interest in professional practices refers to

  • Independence from specific interests (individual, commercial, political etc.)
  • Being responsible for society at large before all else and prioritising public service
  • Being aware of social and professional rights

To be critical: refers to being well-equipped with the intellectual resources that can transform the World and Turkey in order to attain equality and cultural diversity A critical professional

  • Has a holistic approach to social problems
  • Is able to question the world and the society

 Vision & Strategic Targets

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